Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Top Ten List

I'm trying very hard to keep this blog non-political.  You must understand that is hard thing for me to do.  Everywhere you look there are juicy topics that call out for attention.  Just to name a few:

1)  Sequestration

2)  IRS and the 501(c) (4)
3)  Benghazi
4)  Gun Control
5)  Afghanistan
6)  Unemployment and Jobs Programs
7)  Minimum wage
8)  Gay Marriage
9)  Women's reproductive rights
10) The economy

This looks like a Top Ten List on Letterman and it barely scratches the surface.  But I'm trying to steer clear of these issues and deal with more general interest day to day topics.  I'm sure from time to time a topic may have a political undertone.  After all, I am a concerned citizen.  

Who am I really?  Just to establish my political identity I have compiled the following political position brief.*

*I reserve the right to change my mind and flip-flop on any or all positions as I see fit.

I'm an 'Social Industrial Liberal'.  Meaning that I am a liberal that believes that industry has a larger responsibility to support the people that make them rich and powerful.   This means corporations should create American jobs and pay their taxes.  I'm a registered Republican, in order to have some say in my local politics, that lean heavily Republican.   I believe in good smart government not "bigger" or "smaller" government. I believe in capitalism, but I do not believe corporations should get tax breaks that average citizens do not get, nor be allowed to take advantage of loopholes and deductions. I believe that capitalism unchecked breeds greed, and greed unchecked breeds corruption.  I believe in reasonable taxes and welfare programs that are monitored for fraud and waste.  I am for public education and I support public school teachers. I am pro same-sex marriage.   I am against other wars in other countries unless we are attacked. I believe the 2nd Amendment is important, but does not come without limitations. I believe pot should be legal, regulated, and taxed. I believe the government should spend money on infrastructure and hire private companies to do the work, thereby creating jobs and taxpayers.  I believe the government (the police) should not unlawfully stop, question, and frisk people on the streets without cause. I believe very strongly in the Constitution, but I believe that all Amendments are subject to exception as per the Supreme Court.   I am pro-choice (freedom, liberty, and privacy), pro freedom of religion, so long as one doesn't impose religion on others through secular law, and pro-green energy... Need I continue?

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