Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Grading Teachers

I have no issue with grading teachers.  However, if we are grading teachers we need to grade at least two other groups.

1) Administrators
2) Parents

Administrators can't go around grading teachers without the same sort of evaluation being performed on themselves.  If they are not supporting the teachers in the classroom, they are doing more damage than good.  Too many administrators (read principals and superintendents) are way too political.  Pandering to the parents and to the school board.  They often leave their staff on an island.  Having served as an elected official on a large school board, I have seen this behavior first hand.  Selective supporting of the rules and inconsistent messages to staff and students is a serious issue.  Before you grade the teachers you need to grade the management.

Parents are the #1 problem in public schools today.  (OK, #1 may be a bit of an exaggeration when you consider school budgets).  There is no accountability for parents.  Yet, they have an integral role to play in the success of education.  Often it is the parents that create a jumbled priority list for the student.  Placing extracurricular activities before school assignments, not insuring that assignments are completed, pulling kids out of classes for all types of reasons and many more examples of parent interference.  I have even heard a parent tell a teacher that they didn't get it, that his child was in school to have fun and that the teacher was making him work too hard.  Please!  Grade parents and I'll bet that half of them fail.  I give these types of parents an F.

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