Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Hockey

I like the NHL, especially at playoff time when they are playing for Lord Stanley's Cup.  However, hockey in the summer seems kind of silly to me.  Do we really need to be playing into the last week of June?  The NBA is done, this year, before the NHL, It is almost the All-Star game (mid-point of the season) in major league baseball (MLB). Soon, major sports will be played 12 months a year.  The NFL and MLB could do that if they built all indoor stadiums.   The NBA could do that now.  I'd hate to see the NHL try to keep good ice in Phoenix this time of year, but I guess they could if they had to.  I realize it is all about the money.  The season is as long as it is so owners get get the maximum amount of games in and therefore the highest gate and TV revenues as possible.  It used to be that baseball was the summer sport and football was the sport of autumn, hockey and basketball filled the winter months.  This is no longer true.  Everything seems to overlap.  Other sports, like golf and NASCAR seem to never end.  Is this good for the fan?  I don't know.  I'm sure it is good for the team's bottom line.  After all, it is all about capitalism.     

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