Friday, June 7, 2013


Friday has arrived.  TGIF as they say.  The weekends go by so fast.  Often they are nothing more than a blur come Monday morning.  I used to have a job that had summer hours.  This meant that we got out of work at noonish on Friday.  It was an amazing benefit.  It made the weekends seem so much longer.  Friday afternoons gave you time to clear out your errands or play a round of golf, or take care of some appointments when offices are open during normal business hours.  As a result you could often wake up on Saturday and not have to get the engine starting nearly as early.  One of the biggest benefits of summer hours was the ability to get a jump on weekend traffic if you were heading off to some relaxing weekend destination.  I no longer have summer hours at this job.  I miss them.many of my clients have summer hours so Friday afternoons tend to be very slow in the office.

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