Friday, June 14, 2013

iGoogle -- R.I.P.

I love Google, Chrome, Android and all the other names that Google uses for its products. I currently use a Droid Bionic cellphone and soon will upgrade to a Samsung S4.  I have a XOOM tablet.  I use Chrome and Google+.  I have been a user of iGoogle for years.  Recently Google announced that they would retire iGoogle.  I don't understand why, but they did. It is a great product that has served me well.  I have been forced to find a new Home Page.  I am not happy about it at all. You get attached to your home page.  It becomes very comfortable and you can navigate around it with ease.  Everything is in the right place and everything has its place.   

After a few web searches (on Google) I found Netvibes, and a friend recommended igHome.  I set up both to give them a try.  igHome is the most iGoogle like.  It allows you to import settings from iGoogle.  It uses most of the widgets that iGoogle used.  You can set themes like in iGoogle.  As a result you can make it look very similar to the original iGoogle page.  

Netvibes was not as user friendly nor as similar to iGoogle as I would like.  I do not recommend Netvibes.  It is a clone of iGoogle, but not close enough for my liking.  

I currently have both igHome and iGoogle running side-by-side in Chrome.  I will run them like that for a while and fine tune the igHome page as much as I can.  iGoogle ends on November 1, 2013.  After that I'll use igHome unless some better choice comes around.  

You can find igHome here:

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